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Frog Aid is the first adjustable frog support from Steven Beane which has been especially developed to mimic the underlying frog structures. 

"Throughout my farriery career, experience has shown that 90% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when frog supports are fitted to the affected feet".  

Simple cut to size and the pressure can be adjusted via the velcro attachments.

  • Frog Aid can be applied to both shod and unshod feet
  • Breathable, waterproof and will mould to the underlining structures holding the supports in place 
  • Quick and simple to apply with complete instructions included

The pack contents will treat two feet and are an essential part of any equine first aid kit. There are four supports in each pack. The pack with bandages include two cohesive bandages.

Available both with bandages and without (ideal for vets and farriers with cohesive bandages to hand) and in bulk option of 5 and 10.